London Knife Attack: It’s not terror (anymore)

Last night, just before bed, I caught the news alert about a knife attack in London that killed one woman and injured five others. I have a way to bookmark and capture web site pages for later reference, so I bookmarked and captured this from Fox News on 2016-08-04 at 03:29:14 GMT:

DEVELOPING: A 19-year-old man attacked several people with a knife in central London Wednesday evening, killing an elderly woman and injuring five other people, as police said they could not rule out a terror attack.Metropolitan Police spokesman Mark Rowley told reporters that the suspect’s “mental health is a significant factor in this case,” but added that terrorism “remains one line of inquiry for us to explore.” “At this stage, we should keep an open mind regarding motive,” Rowley added.

Now, the web page has been updated with the ‘latest information’ about the attack. Note that every reference to terrorism as a motive has been removed, and the whole attack is now reported to be ‘triggered by mental-health issues’:

An American woman was killed and five other people injured in a stabbing attack in London’s Russell Square by a Norwegian man of Somali origin who was arrested after the incident, authorities said. The investigation “increasingly points to this tragic incident as having been triggered by mental-health issues,” Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said. “So far we have found no evidence of radicalization or anything that would suggest the man in our custody was motivated by terrorism,” Rowley said. He said the woman who died was a 60-year-old American, and the five injured people are British, American, Israeli and Australian. None had life-threatening injuries. Two remain in a hospital, while three others have been discharged. The suspect emigrated from Norway to the United Kingdom in 2002 at about five years old.

Source: Fox News web page as it looks now 2016-08-04 at 3:00:01 PM GMT from

A few questions that would really shed some light on this attack have come to my mind that are not being addressed by any Main Stream Media (that I know of):

  1. If this man has mental health issues, was he coerced in any way to commit this act?
  2. Does ISIS have a track record of using people, anybody they can, to kill for them?
  3. Why was the attacker’s nationality not fully disclosed?

As for the first question, it is very likely that this man was coerced. This is why the mentally challenged in our society are protected and looked after by the rest of us.

The answer to the second question is yes. ISIS has a track record of using men, women, and children to do their bidding. Anybody they can use, they will.

And, question #3: According to the attacker was a 19-year-old Norwegian-Somali man. The Fox News linked above removes the full description of his origin, removing any reference to the possibility of that man being a Muslim or sympathetic to Islam.

The simple fact that these questions are not answered leads this journalist to one inevitable conclusion: Fox News is not reporting the news, they are reporting propaganda, and every Main Stream Media outlet I know of is doing the exact same thing.

The only way to see what is really going on during events like these is to capture as much information as possible before the Main Stream Media gets their stories approved (by the powers that be), ‘corrected’, and synced. From my experience, this syncing takes about 12 hours, and this is exactly what happened. The simple fact that all the news outlets are saying the exact same thing should bring it all into question. No true reporter will say the exact same thing as all the rest. Every account of the event being covered will be different, and every true reporter will have a slightly different point of view. If they are all the same, then it’s all coming from the same source. Period.