News publishers want to charge search engines for story extracts

(Ben Issachar News) While perusing the news, this article captured my attention:

European news publishers will be given the right to levy fees on internet platforms such as Google if search engines show snippets of their stories, under radical copyright reforms being finalised by the European Commission.

The proposals, to be published in September, are aimed at diluting the power of big online operators, whose market share in areas such as search leads to unbalanced commercial negotiations between the search engine and content creators, according to officials.


This is not the first time this kind of control measure has been proposed. The last one, in recent memory, would have shut down sites like Drudge – which would have included this site as sell – just for linking to a news article. The control of news on the internet is about two things, 1) money, and 2) the hearts and minds of the public.

Who controls the news controls the minds and money of the public. If we couldn’t access news without visiting every news outlet and paying a subscription fee, then the majority of the public would not have access to the news at all. We would be limited to the local newspaper and evening news on TV. Without access to the real news – all of it – we would be pushed into believing whatever the powers that be want us to believe, and that’s the true and eventual plan for each and every one of us if the New World Order gets its way.

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