9/11 – My Generation’s Pearl Harbor

(Ben Issachar News) Fifteen years ago, I remember flipping by the morning news and seeing something that forever has been burned into my mind. The first of two twin towers was on fire. I called my fiancé, who in turn also flipped on the news and we both watched in shock as the tower burned. It wasn’t until we saw the second plain hit that we truly understood what was happening. America was under attack, and 2,977 people in New York, the Pentagon and in a field in rural Pennsylvania were all killed on that grim day of September 11, 2001. Everything changed on that day. Everyone changed. No more holding back, we were at war.

tpsdave / Pixabay

9/11 became my generation’s Pearl Harbor. We had never really had any one thing we could point to to justify war until the towers fell. I’ll never forget watching the tower crumble and disappear into a cloud of dust. I’ll never forget when that second plain hit the tower. I’ll never forget how everybody and everything just stopped. The entire nation just stopped. We all just stopped and watched in utter disbelief as the towers fell.

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Now, we look back. What has our world endured over the last fifteen years as a result of the attack on 9/11? The war on terror has grown into a world wide war, spanning ocians, contanants, nations, and peoples. War is a constant, and we are reminded every year on 9/11 that we are doing the right thing. Every year people die, justified by 9/11. Every year we turn our heads away from the horrors of war and say they deserve it – but who are they?

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, now spilling into Ukraine and the boarders of Russia, war is ever present. Every day I see reports of ISIS and so-called Islamic Extremists who have once again killed innocent people around the globe, and every day I read articles about how ISIS is being defeated. Yet, the attacks continue. It never stops.

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The Western retaliation has taken the form of ‘regime change’ and entire nations are now rubble. The West has installed their newest puppets in countries here and there, and NATO is growing in power. Billions upon billions of dollars have been spent to defeat ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and any number of enemies world wide, and what do we have to show for it? The only thing we have is this: a continuous, unrelenting, unwavering war that has no end in sight.

Every year we are reminded of 9/11, and every year we are told we are fighting for what is right. Every year we fund, support, and justify a continuous world war on anybody or anything that is painted as sympathizing with the latest incarnation of evil. More than a decade has passed, and again I ask, what do we have to show for it? More terror. More war. More justification for NATO’s buildup and empowerment around the world. We have more. More. More. Will it ever end?


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